Smart Button is a panic button app for campus safety

Smart Button Safety Reporting app

What is the Smart Button?

Smart Button® technology connects schools, triage team(s) and law enforcement in real-time during a crisis situation. The Smart Button® mobile and desktop panic button apps are made available to administrators, faculty/staff and law enforcement, which strengthens and shortens response times to a crisis in comparison to traditional 911 methods.

  • Live connection with school building(s) in a crisis
  • Automatically inform triage team(s), real-time communications
  • Select to simultaneously inform Police and Fire of threat
  • Unified communications with building and all first responders
  • Incident mapping of building and room locations
  • Activate alerts from any computer or mobile device
  • Automatic alert notifications broadcast to computers and mobile devices
Organizations can use the Smart Button® system for drill exercises as a component of emergency response preparations for different situations.

Faculty and staff can:

  • Send panic button alerts to designated emergency contacts
  • Receive emergency messages to their phones or computers/laptops
  • Automatically send their location on a map
  • Unlimited user downloads

Emergency Procedures and Plans

  • Access emergency procedures directly from their smartphone or tablet
  • Access emergency building plans directly from their smartphone or tablet
  • Update and publish emergency procedures, 24/7
  • Fully customizable and secure

Emergency notifications

  • Send emergency push notifications to staff during a crisis
  • Create faculty and staff groups by campus or district-wide
  • Send mass emergency notifications to one or more groups at a time

In a crisis situation, school districts or schools can sharing information together on their computers, phones and/or forward incidents to law enforcement for immediate action.

Desktop Safety Reporting App (Windows PCs)

  • Send panic button alerts with your location from any computer
  • Receive emergency notifications that scroll across your screen
  • 2-way chat about a crisis with designated emergency staff

Setup and Administration

  • Setup and training is easy
  • No special technical skills or staff required
  • Publish your emergency procedures and plans quickly
  • Setup is completed within 24 hours
  • SSL encryption
  • Government level encryption
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